Tuesday, April 7, 2009

ABCs of Me

A - Age? 25
B - Bed Size? Queen
C - Chore You Hate? Cleaning a toilet
D - Dogs Name? No dogs, as people say about me, "Erin is not a dog person."
E - Essential Start Your Day Item? a smile from Lincoln
F - Favorite Color? blue and summer green
G - Gold Or Silver? silver and white gold
H - Height? 5 ft 3 and a half!
I - Instruments You Play? played violin and toy with the piano. but i'd rather sing
J - Job Title? receptionist. Lincoln's mom. David's wife.
K - Kid(s)? Lincoln Oliver 11.26.08
L - Living Arrangements? Townhome with my hubby and son.
M - Mom's Name? Lori Christine
N - Nicknames? Erin, Ewin, E, Worm (when I was little cause i wiggle)
O - Overnight hospital stay other than birth? galbladder in Feb '09- 4 nights in there :(
P - Pet Peeve? chewing in my ear, talking louder than needed, getting something for one's self without checking with others around you, people who are competitive about stuff that doesnt matter... hmm, i think i have lots of pet peeves.
Q - Quote From A Movie? "Nobody puts baby in a corner." Johnny Castle/Patrick Swazey in Dirty Dancing
R - Right Or Left Handed? Right
S - Siblings? 3 Brothers, Nathan, Zack and lil Matthew! Sister and brother in law
T - Time You Wake Up? whenever Lincoln gets up
U - Underwear? never go with out it!
V - Vegetable You Dislike? i have lots that i refuse to try b/c i hear they're gross- spinach, brussel sprouts, i know i dont like sweet potatoes.
W - Ways You Run Late? cause i'd rather sleep. cause i forget how long it takes to get out the door w/ Lincoln (diaper bag, bottles, etc.)
X - X-Rays You've Had? arms, elbows, legs/kness, stomach, chest,... i am accident prone- prob. everything!
Y - Yummy Food You Make? Everything! j/k I love to bake all kinds of cookies, brownies, cakes. My friends would reccomend brownie thingys i'd think! davis is the cook and i am the baker.
Z - Zoo Favorites? Elephants. i once feel running to the elephant exibit... accident prone

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Lincoln -4 Months

Lincoln is now 4 months old. At his check-up on March 20th he was 15 lbs. 5 oz. and 26 inches. He is in the 75th or 80th percentile- definitely long for his age! He has begun eating cereal in the evenings and LOVES it. We'll be trying out veggies beginning on Saturday! He is a very wiggly dude, loves to see whatever you're doing, is rolling over (sometimes) and has graduated from the infant car seat to a rear-facing convertible seat. CRAZY how fast that's all happening!

David and I are good. Just working and hanging with Lincoln, looking forward to getting out a lot more now that the weather is warmer around here. David's apprenticeship classes wrap up this month and he'll be taking the Journeyman's test soon.

In March we flew to Colorado to visit family out there. Lincoln was a great traveler on the plane, but the time change and dry air/altitude made him a bit of a grump when we got there.