Thursday, November 26, 2009

Lincoln's 1st Birthday

Lincoln elbow deep in cake and icing.

Lincoln's FIRST birthday party was a couple weeks ago. I had a blast making the decorations and really focusing on him and the last 12 months.  He has changed so much (of course he has!).

I made his cupcakes and pennants that said Happy Birthday and Lincoln Oliver on them

It is insane to see him grow and change in these 13 pictures!  I adore this banner and it will probably hang up for the next year!

The party was a blast and we had a great turnout.  My mom and dad came, which is a big deal to me!  My dad brought my adorable little brother Matthew who is two and a half and a complete blast!!!  My brother drove about 4 hours with his girlfriend and their three boys.  The were all so good and we had a great time.  Lots of friends came and we enjoyed visiting with everyone. 

Lincoln did great.  I was absolutely worried that Lincoln might be overstimulated and unsure but instead he crawled right in and loved playing with all the kids and seeing our friends.  He enjoyed his cake and really wasn't very interested in the presents. 

Lincoln, I love you! Your dad loved you too!  We are so proud of you and so blessed to be your parents and watch you grow!  Happy Birthday Squishy!

Monday, November 16, 2009

3 Day Weekends

Lincoln and I have spent 2 three-day weekends together in the last month.  Neither were planned but oh, how I treasure this extra time with him.  One was due to Lincolns prolonged ear infection, virus and getting his third tooth and one due to a storm that caused alot of local flooding and power outages-at the babysitters, of course.

I have made a specific effort this year to be in the moment and loving my time with Lincoln.  Just 10 short days from his birthday and I so thankful that I have tried to soak up so many moments with him. 

While on my six week maternity leave I did nothing but dote on my little baby.  I didn't have meals prepared for David when he got home or have the house sparkling and clean.  I had a happy snuggly baby who I slept with, loved on, and became attached to obsessed with!

As Lincoln got older and still took evening naps, I would come home from work, have dinner with David and settle in on the couch, cuddling and snuggling with my boy I missed all day.

Now I don't get to hold you hardly enough.  You are busy and ready to get down and explore.  Sometimes I get to cuddle with you when I rock you to sleep at night, but most of the time you can't get comfortable and want to get into your crib.  Other times if you've fallen asleep in the car I can cuddle with you for a few moments until you wake up. In the mornings when you wake up, you are very clingy lately (not complaining- I love it) so I get good neck squeezing hugs first thing!

He doesn't use a pacifier anymore, but I need to work hard to help him transition to a sippy cup from the bottle.  He has really taken a liking to fish sticks and chicken nuggets lately and still likes pancakes, french toast, broccoli, green beans, peaches, pears... he is a great eater!

Today I am missing Lincoln and wondering if he misses me too. I treasure my 3 day weekends and extra time with him and miss him so much when they come to an end!  I wonder if his little heart wonders where I am. He is so fun these days; he is becoming independent, mobile, jabbers and laughs alot!  I love you my Lincoln and I love your hugs and kisses and seeing you hug and kiss your daddy too!  We love you so much!

Grateful ... Curious ... Overwhelmed

I have been planning Lincoln's First Birthday party for a while now for months!  I am so excited!  I have been working on some projects I was inspired to do after looking for party decor online.  We are going with a Blue and Green theme, no animated characters allowed.  I think we'll have years to pick out themed party decor, so in trying to keep it simple (hahaha, keep reading) I just bought colored plates and napkins.  I made a collage of pictures of Lincoln from his first year and I just love it!  I made a banner with a picture from every month of his little life so far.  It is 13 pictures long, starting with a picture from when he was just 3 days old and ending with a picture from Saturday.  I have made a banner to go on his high chair, for when he digs into a smash cake I'm making him.  We tested the process out for a photoshoot we had done and with David helping me decorate I LOVE how it turned out!  And the last banner I made says "Happy 1st Birthday Lincoln".  Each letter is on a circle or square and strung onto ribbon.  We also made a 2.5 or 3 foot tall 1 for the front door with a welcome sign. 

I am grateful (trying to be), overwhelmed and curious because everyone we invited to Lincoln's party has RSVP-ed.  Everyone!  I mean , its great that my son is loved and everyone wants to be a part of his day, but never did I think that my guest list would reach 40 of our family and friends!  All these guests will be squeezing into our townhouse.  The party is at 3:30 in the afternoon, planned that way so that hopefully we wouldn't have to really feed people, but I do like entertaining so I had some things planned.  However, I have reigned that in quite a bit.  We're having ham biscuits, pasta salad, carrots, cucumbers, and broccoli w/ ranch and chips and dip.  We'll also serve cupcakes and ice cream. 

I have no idea how Lincoln will react to so many people, but if I have to guess, he'll probably be shy and nervous for a few and then be just fine.  I have read some things about babies getting overstimulated in a big crowd, frightened by everyone singing to hm and even not liking the attention of everyone watching them open gifts.  But knowing Lincoln and how outgoing and friendly he is, after a few moments he'll be just fine.  Plus people should arrive in a trickle and not all at once, so that'll help too!  Hopefully the weather will be nice and our guest can be in the living room, kitchen and out on the back deck and in the yard.  I have no expectations and am just hoping that everyone squeezes in and has a good time!