Friday, May 29, 2009

Lincoln -6 Months Old

Lincoln you are 6 months old and the light of our lives. You are almost 20 lb. and 28 inches long and the pediatrician says you are meeting and beating all of your developmental milestones! Still no teeth, but you love to eat. You have oatmeal cereal for breakfast and rice cereal, a vegetable and a fruit for dinner. There is nothing we have found that you don’t like. You chew on every toy, blanket, burp cloth and piece of clothing that comes near you (including mom and dads). You also chew your fingers, hands, wrists, arms and feet when you can wrestle them into your mouth. We have taken to calling you “baby bulimic” because you will stick your fingers and hands into your mouth until you gag. Your nicknames so far are Linc, Linky, Winky and Squishy. Your Uncle Matthew (age 2) says “Bye Winky” when we leave his house.

You have more personality than I imagined could be bundled into such a little body! You like to give kisses and be kissed and recently have begun holding our faces and kissing us! You smile all the time and laugh whenever we tickle you. You are ticklish on you feet, legs, belly, sides and under your chin. You hardly cry, but when you do it gets your point across quickly. It is usually because you are not being held, are on the floor by yourself or are hungry, tired or dirty- you never cry without a reason. You do not like to be left in a room alone while playing. You like to ride in the car and talk up a storm on the way to and from daycare everyday.

You are becoming increasingly mobile, rolling over and pivoting to get to toys or whatever you want. We can not just leave you on the floor anymore because you find your way to a wall or into the coffee table. When you get the coffee table you kick it and make the candles inside rattle so we know you’re there. You like your exersaucer and jumper, but not for very long.

You are a great traveler and have been to Colorado and Massachusetts already! You sleep a lot on plane rides and usually no one knows you’re there! You are very good natured and flexible, until you’re late getting a meal and that’s a deal breaker for you. You like all people and have yet to meet a stranger; you even kissed your 2nd cousin Sierra on the mouth the moment you met her! You were good in Colorado, but seemed to have some trouble adjusting to the time change, dry air or altitude or all of them. We blamed it on you being jet lagged and by half way through the second day you were back to yourself. In Massachusetts you were totally were yourself for the whole trip, so maybe staying in the same time and climate zone helps.

You usually sleep from 10-7 in you crib and still take 2-4 naps daily; more on the weekends since its quieter at home than at daycare. You have been sleeping through the night for the last month! When you sleep in your crib you move around a lot and when we go in to get you in the morning you are never in the same spot or laying in the same direction as when we laid you down. When napping at home, mom still holds you and the only way you sleep is in the infant hold you’ve always loved. You still put your hand inside mom’s shirt and hold her shoulder until you fall asleep. Before you fall sleep you use your free hand to push mom’s face around, looking at you and looking away and back again. You also put your fingers in our mouths and laugh if we pretend to chew on them. You like to rub your hair on your head while you drink a bottle and will pet mommy’s but you don’t ever pull.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Can't believe Lincoln going to be 6 months old at the end of the month!!! CRAZY! He is holding his bottle, scooting some (though, I try to discourage this, as I don't really want him crawling and walking this soon!!!), eating oatment, fruits and veggies (and LOVES them all), and says AH to every single bite!!! He is sleeping through the night some and is still a very happy baby.

Edited to add (Taken from emailed to my mother-in-law):
Lincoln was up 4 or 5 times last night. We are considering putting him in a box and sending him to you or selling him on the black market. I bet a cute baby boy gets a good price! Not really, I guess we'll keep him, but I wish I knew why it is he didnt want to sleep. We had a streak of 7 days in a row sleeping through the night... until this week!!! He's such a punk! Gotta get some work done. If you get a package on your porch with holes in it, you might wanna open it!

I am glad the email made you laugh. THat was actually the point. We let him cry for more that a half hour at different points through the night while going to check on him and give him his paci last night. I think for now he's just more stubborn than I would;ve thought and we're going to have to keep doing what we're doing. I am ok for letting him cry, I just want all of us to get a good nights sleep. Hopefully this is all related to a growth spurt or those bottom teeth moving in some, i dunno. Thanks for the support and advice. I'll send you a tracking number if I put him in the mail!