Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The Sweetest Boy.

Lincoln makes every day worth taking the next step.  He makes me smile wider, laugh harder and my heart fuller than I ever imagined it could feel.  I am a better me because he and David are the loves on my life!

The word of the week is school bus.  We notice them and point at them all the time.  We have turned around the carseat and Lincoln is taking in every new sight and experience.

Tonight, a half hour ago, I was dancing in the kitchen, singing a little song I made up when I used to babysit.
'I love you and
you love me too, too, too.
I love you, and,
you love me too-o.'

When I stopped singing Lincoln started!  "I yuv you", so I said and you love me too too too, "I yuv you" and you love me too-o.   GAH!  Help me that was awesome and so suh-weet! 

My cup runneth over and over.  We are so blessed to have such a sweet affectionate darling BOY!  He is all boy, running, tumbling, busy, but also exuberantly loving.  We are so blessed.