Thursday, January 29, 2009

Myspace Note - Thank you,

I really I have wanted to say THANK YOU to everyone for your interest, support, and of course sweet comments since Lincoln was born. I cannot believe it has been two months! I really fell off the planet while I was staying at home- trying to soak up every second of hanging out and loving being Lincoln’s mom. Now that I am back to work and he’s at daycare, we’re on a schedule and I’ve been able to keep up with email, Myspace, Facebook, etc. much better.

I want to brag and tell you how great Lincoln is. We are totally spoiled and have the most laid back, easy-going, and happy baby I have ever seen! I can tell you he gets all that from his dad! He has been a super easy baby, sleeping enough to keep us all sane and adjusting well to daycare. He is smiling a lot now and just generally making us feel like he’s happy to see us. He really is the sweetest, cuddliest and happy baby I have ever experienced! David is already joking that our next child definitely won’t be this easy since we hit the jackpot with Lincoln.

Thank you for caring! We love you all!

Friday, January 23, 2009

Lincoln- 8 Weeks

Lincoln is 8 weeks old now and very smiley. At first Lincoln was only smiling at us, but has become a social smiler and very happy baby! This week he caught his first cold at the babysitters but has been a trooper. He even slept 5 hours last night! He is a very easy-going guy, much like his dad, and a great snuggler. We love him to pieces and he is the best thing we ever did!

David and I are doing well. Work is slow in the construction trade right now, as I am sure you all know. We are just hoping it turns around soon, and our employer is doing everything he can to find work to keep the guys busy. David is not working full time hours right now, but it does give him extra time to spend with Lincoln.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Lincoln - 6 Weeks

Lincoln is doing great. He had his "two month" appointment, he is 7 weeks tomorrow. He received two shots and an oral vaccine. He weighs 11 lb. 5 oz. (50th percentile) and is 23 inches long (75th percentile). The doctor had no concerns, just commenting on his cool name, great temperament, muscle strength (thanks, David) and overall cuteness!!

He doesn't have to be seen again until he is 4 months old- and will receive more shots then. He did ok with the shots, I did give him Tylenol and had a bottle ready for him when they were done. He slept and ate a lot last night, kind of hibernating I think. David and I are doing great. We really enjoy all of our time with Lincoln. David is still working out with Lincoln all the time. He is always working with Lincoln to hold his head up and hold toys. I think David will find great relief with Lincoln will hold his bottle on his own- I however will enjoy Lincoln being my little baby boy for however long. With David's encouragement Lincoln rolled over one way on Saturday from his belly to his back. He is still smiling quite a bit.

Lincoln did start daycare with "trial" half days last Friday and yesterday. He has done very well. Today is his first whole day, so we'll see. It was very, VERY HARD for me to let him go, but we have to do it and he's going to do just fine. For now he's in an in-home daycare, and she keeps 4 other children, but he's the only infant and gets lots of attention. I think down the road we'll get him into something more structured, but we'll see.