Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Lincoln - 8 months

Lincoln is AWESOME. He is really just staying the awesome baby he has been all along. He claps and says YAY! Its very cute. He is eating good and about to move into 12 month pajamas b/c his feet are stretching the 9 mo. ones!!! CRAZY big boy! He is almost crawling, and does a version of the army crawl and rolling to get around and has free reign of the living room. He is just great. I can honestly say I HATE that you are so far away. I think if he were a fussy baby I would wish you were close for help, but he is such a joy I wish you could just hug him more. He is loved and still pretty cuddly, even beginning to sit still long enough to give a hug, but then he's on the move again. He really doesnt sit still. I tried out a babysitter last night; a girl who is 13 that I watched when I was her age. I think she'll be a good help to me if I need to run to Target or the grocery store on nights when David's at school or so we can get out to see a movie now and then. Its good experience for her and she is really looking forward to it. Can't believe he'll already be 8 months on Sunday!

I really can't tell you in words how much of a blast Lincoln is. I've never been around a baby who is so happy, busy, curious and loving. He is great. He sleeps until almost 9 on the weekends!!!!!!!!! I love him even more for that! And talking to you about him makes me miss him... ready to go home now.