Sunday, June 13, 2010

BIG Changes

Well I have a new job.

I was laid off from the position is had been in for 6 years.  It was super sad, because we were like family, and not personal but because it was done because it was best for the company in this still crappy economy.

I worked for an additional two weeks, completing as much as possible and getting my office manager, my "work-mom", as ready as possible.  While there wasn't enough work for us both, it will be a lot of work for one person.  During that time I was also applying for jobs, sending resumes (totalling 50 by the end) and interviewing. 

I have found a position in a very busy office.  I worked Thursday and Friday last week and tomorrow starts my first full week.  I would describe this job as fast-paced, detail oriented and definitely a constant buzz of work to be done. So we're all adjusting at my house and we'll have to see how we fall into the rhythm. I have to be at work earlier and during a certain season there will be required overtime. I am very optimistic and everyone is every friendly, so this should be awesome!  I think its a very good fit, but definitely an adjustment getting used to a busy office again, but everything goes so fast the day really flies and I love that!

My blogging will hopefully get more regular as I figure out my new schedule... we'll see.

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Chip, Ashley & Baby Kane said...

I know the feeling! But BIG congrats to you on finding a new job!!