Monday, August 2, 2010

We are here, We are breathing.

It's been a crazy summer.  We've been to Roanoke, VA, Camp LaJune, NC and Boston (area), MA.  We've been to the pool, the park, the zoo and I've been to a John Mayer concert - YAY!!!

Lincoln is 20 months old.  He is brilliant!  He sings ABCs, counts, shapes, sings along with me, repeats everything, can throw a baseball 10-15' and loves a baseball bat.  He still loves to read and lives to watch Elmo, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and Handy Manny.  He loves music and insists on listening to John Mayer's 'Heartbreak' when we get in the car. He loves kisses, hugs and knows how to give noses, noggin', and knuckles.  He really enjoys being around extended family and knows who everyone is.  He really enjoyed our trip to Massachusetts and was a wonderful little traveller.  I have made him an album of his extended family members.  He is obsessed and knows who everyone is- and that's saying something since he had 4 sets of grandparents! 

I love Lincoln!

David is still working hard and doing very well at school.  He has a fraction more than a year left and we are already praying that he will find a job in his field. 

I am doing well, I like my new job, but still miss my old job.  I don't think that will change, especially because I had the opportunity to have family to work with, not just co-workers.

Life is busy, wonderful and crazy!  Just how we like it! 

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