Thursday, April 29, 2010

Finding the sweet spot.

I am in a good place right now.

I seem to be finding my niche in it all right now.

I am joyful and content where I am right now.

Feelings like this are sometimes fleeting.  I want to remember this.

I need to remember how wonderful it is to be in love with my husband and to adore our son.
I need to continuously remember how blessed we are to be healthy!

There are so many things every single day that try to distract from this feeling I have.  Friendships in flux.  Expectations others place on me that I cannot meet.  Deadlines I will not achieve.  Bills I forget to mail, so I pay online ;) Dishes stacked in the sick and dust piling on the mantle.  I may not have time for twice weekly visits to the grandparents.  My toes may not have been painted in a month :(  I may not have returned too small pants that have been in my car for two weeks and shirts hanging on the door for a month :( 

I give myself a break, tell myself I work all day and need to see my son in the evenings.  I need to spend time with my little family of three from Friday at 5 until Monday at 9.  And while this is undoubtly selfish, I know I will never in my life regret the time I spend with my husband and son. 

So I have my peace and my joy and my loves!  I have taken the time to be splashed in the bath tub.  I have stroked my boys warm head and sung him to sleep.  I have played cars and read books and explored grass and discovered birds and gotten dirt under my finger nails and colored pictures and watched Elmo.  :D  I have watched silly videos on youtube, cuddled up for a movie, made muffins just for him, put away his socks.

I am me, I am David's wife and I am Lincoln's mom and now these titles in my life come first! and it's sweet!

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