Thursday, April 8, 2010

Lincoln Update

Lincoln today you are 16 months, 2 weeks old.

Chicken Nuggets, Fish Sticks, French Fries, Green Beans, Cucumbers w/ Ranch, Bananas, Apple, Apple Sauce, Crackers, Cookies, Vanilla Pudding, Vanilla Ice Cream, Ham, Spaghetti, Sloppy Joes, Grilled Cheese, Shells & Cheese, Yogurt, Oatmeal, Pancakes, French Toast,
We let you try whatever we're having. You like fruit alot, but don't have much interest in veggies and spit them out. 

You go to bed around 8pm, give or take a half hour on a normal night.  You sleep through the night and wake up around 7:30 or 8 am.  You sometimes coo in your sleep and we hear you over the monitor.  Sometimes the monitor is nice and othertimes it makes us completely paranoid.
Our evening routine is pretty simple.  We read books and watch Sesame Street throughout the evening, I wash your hands and face, change your diaper, put you in your pajamas and we grab a bottle from the fridge.  We go upstairs and you drink your bottle, I'll sing you a couple songs and when you're done with your botttle you give it to me, give me a kiss and I put you in your crib, cover you up and leave the room.
The nap routine is exactly the same as the bedtime routine.  We usually put you down around 1pm and you sleep anywhere from 1.5-3 hours :)

You like to climb and slide, you love the new toy climber we got.  You also like the basketball hoop on the side and to crawl beneath it.  You like to play with bowls, spoons and baking pans in the kitchen while we are cooking.  You LOVE to be outside. Coming in is one of the only times we see you throw what could be called a tantrum.  You love to explore, walk down the street to get the mail. You love to swing at the park, and don't usually want to leave there either. 
You can show us your nose, ears, hair, eyes, mouth.
Gives high fives, noggin', kisses, blows kisses, fake sneezes, fake coughs, says Boo to surprise us.
Claps after a song is over or whenever he hears clapping on TV or a live song on te radio.

Cracker, Cookie, Sky, Tree, Car, Apple, Bubble, Hot Dog, One, Two, More, Hey Baby, Mama, Dada, Grandpa, Dee, Ally, Matthew, Hi, Bye-Bye, Night-Night, Morning, Up, Elmo, Abby,
Animal Noises for dog, cat, horse, cow, sheep, duck, owl, lion. 

I know I am missing some, this kid is going to talk just like his mom.

Books, Baths, Brushing your teeth (playing with the toothbrush), being outside or climbing, being tickled, Elmo

Lincoln, I don't think that your dad or I could love you more than we do!  We also like you a lot and are really enjoying seeing your out-going, friendly and happy personality come through on a daily basis.  You are very sweet, smart and  funny little dude.  I was really pleased to see you go up and give a baby at daycare noggin' today -  you see babies already and give them your toys, rather than take them, and laugh with them :)

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Chip, Ashley & Baby Kane said...

So sweet! I love reading his updates and seeing what we have to look forward to with Kane! Enjoy the pretty weather!