Monday, April 26, 2010

Lincoln - 17 Months!

Lincoln, love, you are 17 months old.  You are busy, constantly going, moving, running, playing!  You captivate me and capture my attention in little things you do every day.

You are enthusiastically affectionate.  You blow kisses with the exuberance and force of hurricane winds.

You are a sweet mimic.  You copy every word we ask you to say.  When I ask you, What does Lincoln say?, your answer is "Huh?"  Its so funny!

You are becoming a comedian and like to make us laugh, repeating funny words or making a weird sound until we are falling over laughing at you.

You like Elmo and Sesame Street, but we fast forward until Elmo is on.  You like Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and Handy Manny.  You like the songs on these shows and sway and dance to theme songs and things like the hot dog dance on MMC.

We are working with you with numbers, colors, shapes, and ABCs already.  If we say one, you say TWO! You repeat the colors when we point them out. Red, Blue, Yellow, Green, Orange and Purple.

You say Sky, Tree, Car, Outside, Bye Bye, Home, Oh no, Uh oh, Dog, Doggie, Cat, making all animal noises still, Bath, Teeth. You point to your nose, mouth, hair, ears, teeth and belly button.

Lincoln, you love routine.  When you wake up you ask for your bottle.  When its time for bed we change your bottom, put on your jammies, brush your teeth ( you love to brush teeth).  Then we go upstairs and rock and you drink your bottle of milk and when you are done, you hand us the bottle and give a kiss and say BED! 

You love to be outside and you like to go bye bye.  You and I went to the mall last weekend and you were perfect.  Just sing-songy through the store saying 'shopng, shopng' and if I asked you if you liked something you said uh-huh!  You are a perfect personal shopper!

You are trying new foods all the time.  You like queso at the Mexican restaurant, sloppy joe's, spaghetti, green beans cooked w/ bacon, corn bread, angel food cake.  You know that I have a candy dish at work when Dada bring you and you share a hersey kiss with us.

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